Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy Course

In this advanced course you will learn the latest trends and strategies of digital marketing and will teach you how to plan, manage, execute and measure digital marketing projects.

Building a great digital strategy can have a big benefit for your brand, but how can you learn to do it in the most effective way? 

The course provides you with the essentials of digital marketing with focusing on  how to build a digital marketing planning and strategy.

Our highly skilled & specialized team will help you to use Digital Marketing to achieve your marketing targets, dominate & exploit your online presence. 

Course Outlines

Introduction to digital marketing

You will understand the landscape of the digital marketing.

SOSTAC & RACE planning Models

You will Understand the core characteristics of the main digital marketing verticals.

The 5ss objective planning model

You will Understand the search engine marketing concept and techniques including the SEO and SEM.

Content Strategy  

You will learn how to Do content strategies development including buyer persona, content types and KPIs.


Channels Strategy  

You will Understand how to adapt social media, online ads, search, email, and mobile in your plan.

Communication Strategy

You will Understand How to implement the online media mix model to do your annual media plans.

Conversion optimization strategy

You will Discover the power of CRO and why it's so important to your Business.

Implementation & Action Plan  

You will Understand how to Do control of your plan through measuring and benchmarking.

Control, measurement and analytics 

You will learn How to get goals & KPIs and control it.

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